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It's a Blast

It's a Blast

Instruments of the Orchestra: Brass

Composers: John Jacobson, John Higgins

Voicing: Unison

Duration: 2:30

Playing a brass instrument is a blast! Learn all about the brass family of the orchestra with this humorous recorded story by Luigi's Baton and song by John Jacobson and John Higgins. Add a listening activity, pictures and other ideas from the lesson plan to make this a fun and educational way to introduction students to the instruments of the orchestra.

This Lesson Pak download contains:

•Digital Lesson (HTML format for use in any browser) Includes everything you need for each lesson: recordings, videos (if available), lesson plan, and piano accompaniment. Use with interactive whiteboards, or computer to projector.

•Singer Pages (full-color PDF format) Projectable, printable, and reproducible (for one school only), may be distributed to classroom viewing devices (iPads, Chromebooks, etc.)

•Audio (MP3 format) Full performance and accompaniment tracks