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I'm an Original

I'm an Original

Composer Focus: Charles Ives

Composers: John Jacobson, John Higgins

Voicing: Unison/2-Part

Duration: 2:20

Read a clever story on composer Charles Ives and then sing this memorable song that showcases Ives' originality. Learning about composers has never been more fun! Identify and locate rhythm patterns, learn about song form, ostinato and music history all in one convenient, easy lesson.

This Lesson Pak download contains:

•Digital Lesson (HTML format for use in any browser) Includes everything you need for each lesson: recordings, videos (if available), lesson plan, and piano accompaniment. Use with interactive whiteboards, or computer to projector.

•Singer Pages (full-color PDF format) Projectable, printable, and reproducible (for one school only), may be distributed to classroom viewing devices (iPads, Chromebooks, etc.)

•Audio (MP3 format) Full performance and accompaniment tracks