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Choreography for 2001-2002 (Vol. 2)
As a free service to our subscribers, we now provide videos of John Jacobson performing the choreography to some of the songs found in MUSIC EXPRESS! Choreography notes are always printed in the Teacher's Magazine-but as visual learners can attest, it's easier to see it done than read about it!

Following is a list of videos of songs to choose from. For some songs, you can choose between a front view and back view to make learning each step as easy as possible. Some songs have both views in one video clip. You can also select from one of two download speeds: 56K (for users with standard dial-up modems), or High Speed (for users with faster connections, such as DSL or cable modems). Each video is in RealPlayer format. (Click
here to get RealPlayer.)

Download and save these files for quick and easy reference. You will need
WinZip if you're using a PC and Stuff It Expander if you're using a Mac.

For more information about a specific move that John incorporates into his choreography, refer to his Dictionary of Dance, available through your favorite music dealer.
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2001-2002 (Vol. 2)
Child of the World (from August/September 2001 issue)
Download All
Heroes All (from August/September 2001 issue)
Download All
Music and Me! (from August/September 2001 issue)
Download All
Call Me (from October/November 2001 issue)
Download All
Check It Out! (It's About Respect) (from October/November 2001 issue)
Download All
Watch That Tone in Your Voice! (from December 2001 issue)
Download All
May Day Carol (from May/June 2002 issue)
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